Forum Announcement: Welcome to The Forums!
This forum existed about 8 years ago at the peak of forums. I created it with a small team and we were once a success. Sadly a huge mess happened and it was deleted. 8 years later and we are back. It's 2018 and I think forums are not done nor will they ever be done. 

The Forums will be taking a more traditional approach to our forums that people knew and loved. Our goal is to create a growing community that holds traditional values to forums as if it were still a decade ago. We miss it, you miss it and we plan to bring it all back. There will be community contests, events, activity, and more! As we grow, frequent updates will happen to make sure this place will once again find success. We believe there are just as many people as before who enjoy finding a community forum where they feel they fit in, enjoy going on, and find themselves growing attached to a discussion board. Hopefully The Forums will be the forum you call Home. 

We are always open to suggestions if there's something you feel we are lacking on or simply see a chance for improvement. There is a forum for that called "Suggest/Bugs". 

Usergroups will be created for those who wish to find themselves wanting to play a specific role in our community. Those will come later once activity grows as we all currently play an active roll.

Now, it is 2018, so we don't expect people to find as much excitement in forums as before. This is where our Discord Server comes in. There you can find people to actively play games with and talk about absolutely nothing or a specific subject. Server Link -

Please make sure you follow our Forum/Discord Rules that you can find here -

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you on the boards!
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