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ForzaMotorsport 7

I know there has to be some of you who play Forza 7. I personally only drift on FM7, but that doesn't mean grip racing and others aren't cool too!

I've been playing since FM4 and I can honestly say FM7 finally feels like the continuation of Forza 4. I wasn't a fan of the Horizon series hardly at all and FM5 and 6 felt absolutely awful. The tracks sucked, the driving felt terrible, and I just wasn't happy with any of them between FM4 and FM7. Fuji might not be back in FM7 yet, but we have gotten a new track set called Dubai(idk the rest of the name) and that's a great track. It's not a fuji replacement, but I'm much happier with their track selection compared to 5 and 6. They also brought back Maple Valley which was my favorite track from FM4 - long sweepers, some technical driving, and fast as hell initiations into the carousel. 

It's unfortunate Toyota/Lexus is gone aside from their dedicated race cars and I believe more companies are possibly going to be gone in the next? There's some scary rumors, but there's also rumors they will all be back by the next. For whatever reason Forza has a hard time with contracts. I wonder if that could be due to their predecessor GranTurismo? 

I think Forza is also finally starting to listen to what people are wanting. Their DLC cars are actually, you can go a bit lower, their wheel choice has improved, and I think this is just the beginning of being able to truly modify your car as if it's real life. I hope they continue putting effort into the cosmetics of cars. It would be nice to go even lower along with space your wheels out to fit your fenders like the DLC cars have.

I'm going to post a video along with some gameplay screenshots/photos below!

[Image: 2CNoiOd.jpg]

[Image: dD2Ixrj.jpg]

And this is my chariot a friend designed for me <3

[Image: BF0uwXA.jpg]
[Image: Disinfectant.png]
[Image: Help-1.png]

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