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Halo 3 Online

I was just told by a friend tonight that someone made a mod for Halo 3! It's open source, free to play and there are still people who play(small amount, but I just played all night even if it was just with a select group). Unfortunately due to legal issues they've had to stop developing the game, however, it still plays just like old Halo 3. They still do patches for it and it's honestly super smooth. 

[Image: wlBl0TQ.jpg]

Download Link(Make sure you manually make a folder on your computer for the game. This folder is where you will move all of the game files to):

Updater Download(You'll have to install this after you install the game to update to the latest version):

ElDewrito Official Discord Server:

[Image: CKzo5te.png]

[Image: PvHDVqi.png]

[Image: vlGl8E2.png]

[Image: 7DnYGEJ.jpg]

[Image: WpMah4I.png]
[Image: Disinfectant.png]
[Image: Help-1.png]
That's crazy. I haven't played halo 3 in so long. I had no idea this even happened. I'm gonna have to jump on and join you in some lobbies. Wink

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