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What was your first car?

Everyone either has an embarrassing first car or a rad first car. Lets see what your first automobile was!

Year, make, & model of your first car?:
How much did you spend?:
How did you get it?:
Picture(if you have one):

1998 Pontiact Grand prix
I honestly just got pretty lucky on craigslist. It lasted me a full year when I started my first job!
Mine was a 99 Oldsmobile alero. Bought it for 1k as well and found it on Craigslist. Unfortunately I wrecked it within the first year. Lol. I was "drifting".
[Image: Disinfectant.png]
[Image: Help-1.png]
LOL i have had 2 cars a 00 Lincoln LS and a 01 PT Cruiser both were I paid 200 bucks and bought both of them. I sally drive my Mom's 09 Kia Sorento YEEHAW RWD In SNOW!

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