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NCIS Gibbs Leaving Show

I'm not sure if this fits here or in Media, but I was googling NCIS(one of my favorite shows) and I came across Gibbs possibly leaving the show. This show has been around since the early 2000's and Gibbs has been on it since Season 1. He IS the show. The article says it isn't confirmed, but there are rumors about him leaving. I'm actually not sure that I will still watch NCIS. Tony left, Abby is gone, and now Gibbs might also leave. NCIS is a great show, but the main characters have a lot to do with that in my opinion. 

Are you a fan of NCIS or haven't watched the show? If you haven't I HIGHLY recommend watching it, there's like 16 seasons so if you have time to waste, it's an amazing series to binge. And for those that are fans, will you still continue watching if Gibbs leaves?

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